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Product Description:
Oil Containment Boom with Top Tension Cable:
19" Fast Deployment
Overall height: 19"
Freeboard: 7"
Skirt Draft: 12"
Weight: 2.3lbs/ft
50' Lengths
Manufactured to BP specification REV F.

Terms: 100% prior to shipping
Packaging: Palletized (Special packaging upon request)

Fabric: 22oz PVC Coated Polyester Faberic
Top Tension Cable: 5/16 "steel galvanized coated
Flotation: Closed cell foam polyethylene
Ballast ChainL 5/16", Chain Galvanized or Zinc coated
Connectors: Anodized Aluminum Inter connecting for the connection of boom section to boom section.
ASTM F2438-04 Universal

​The ROC (Rapid Oil Containment) BarrierTM uses a combination of proprietary high-extension sorbent barrier, along with a patented, extremely compact and easy-to-use deployment system to ensure the rapid response and containment of oil spills unlike anything used in the marketplace today.

Using innovative technology, the ROC BarrierTM is deployed at speeds of up to 54.7 kilometres (34 miles) per hour1, over five times faster than conventional oil containment booms.

The ROC BarrierTM is the only available oil containment system small enough to allow tankers, ships and other watercraft, as well as marinas, harbours, ports, shipping lanes, beaches, and other water entry points to store it on site so that it can be deployed quickly following an oil spill. The canister, which holds the film laminate used to contain an oil spill, measures just 20 inches in length, by eight inches in width, and eight inches in depth.

The film laminate used in the ROC BarrierTM is essentially a two-dimensional product when stored, and a third dimension (bulk), is added on deployment. It uses adsorbent versus absorbent principles. The film laminate is an oilophilic (oil attracting) olefin-type substrate similar to polyethylene film. It has a thickness of just 0.005 inches (0.127 mm). A standard 1,000-foot roll of product is only six inches in diameter and requires 1/20 of the storage space required by similar absorbent materials currently used in the oil spill control industry.

In addition to its compact storage capability, the laminate film is capable of adsorbing the spilled oil it is intended to contain, while having the unique characteristic of not absorbing the water it is deployed on. Unlike similar absorbing materials which begin to hold water immediately after deployment, the laminate film is oil-adsorbing plastic material that floats on water but will not absorb it.

The ROC BarrierTM is the only available oil containment system designed to contain up to 100 per cent of the oil from a spill - without absorbing the water. Even better, the oil can be reused, dramatically reducing the economic cleanup costs.