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NHRS Training Academy


NHRS Training Academy offers a number of training services focused on spill response and OPA '90 compliance.  Our courses feature hands-on training conducted in the field and are taught by experienced and accredited instructors.  Classes can be modeled to suit your Response Plan and Standard Operating Procedures and can be scheduled to fit your shift changes or facility shut-downs.  Our training brings your personnel into contact with a wide variety of inputs for a rich experience


NHRS Training Academy's principle marketing objective is to provide expert management and response services in the areas of environmental compliance, training and emergency response.  NHRS mission is based in exceptional depth and experience of the company's principal officers and operations staff.  The staff of NHRS includes a wide variety of highly trained, diversified and experienced spill response experts, all of whom have established themselves during some of the world's most notable environmental response operations.  With over 75 years of combined experience in both compliance issues and hands-on operations, we have created a unique and diverse team.  We understand both the science and the laws of spill control in US waterways and know how to make that understanding work for you, whether you are developing your compliance strategy through training and drills or responding to an actual event.


30580 Edison Dr. Roseville, MI 

Office: 586-777-8775 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)

Fax: 586-285-5737

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