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Confined Space Training

NHRS Training Academy offers two courses covering OSHA's Permit-Required Confined Space Entry regulations:  the 1-Day Course - Entrant/Attendant Level and the 3-Day Course - Rescue/Supervisor Level.  Both courses are enhanced through the use of our Confined Space Entry Simulation Chamber, a unique modular system that allows attendees to simulate permit-required confined space operations, including rescue scenarios. 

1-Day Entrant/Attendant Level
The following topics will be discussed during the 1-Day course:
* Requirements of the Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Program
* Duties of the authorized Entrants, Attendants and Supervisor
* Atmospheric Monitoring
* Respiratory Protection and Personal Protective Equipment

3-Day Rescue/Supervisor Level
Students attending the 3-Day course will address the topics covered in the 1-Day course, in addition to the following more advanced concepts:
* Supervisor responsibilities
* MIOSHA rescue plan requirements
* Rescue from HAZMAT environments
* Enhancement of supplied-air systems
* Guidelines for conducting rescues in specific types of spaces.

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