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John Brennan

Professional History:  27 years in Marine Operations including Environmental Response, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Aids to Navigation, Marine Firefighting and Damage Control, Instruction, and Compliance Inspections. 

Present Employment:  New Horizons Inc.

2009 – 2011 USCGC BRISTOL BAY, 140’ tug and 120’ construction barge, mission Aids to Navigation, Ice Breaking, Detroit MI. Deck Department Head, Buoy Deck Safety Officer, Command Drug and Alcohol Advisor.

2004 -2009 Boat Forces Standardization Team, mission Safe Effective Boat Operations, Yorktown VA. Job: Team Leader, Instructor, Rescue and Survival Subject Matter Expert, and Budget and Scheduling Officer.

2002 – 2004 USCGC TAMPA, 270’ ship primary mission: Law Enforcement, Drug and Migrant interdiction, Portsmouth VA. Job: Deck Department Head, Safety Officer for all deck and flight operations, Deck Watch Officer, Boat Operator.

2000-2002 USCG Station Alexandria Bay, NY. Mission: Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement. Job: Executive Officer direct daily operations including procurement, budget, maintenance, personnel issues, and mission execution, Boat Operator.

1998 – 2000 USCGC NAUSHON, 110’ Patrol boat, mission Law Enforcement / Fisheries, Ketchikan AK. Job: Department Head, Boarding Officer, Fisheries Enforcement Officer for National Marine Fisheries Service, Deck Watch Officer, Boat Operator.

1994 – 1998 Atlantic Strike Team, Special team, Hazardous Material Operations, Fort Dix, NJ, Volunteer position / Special Selection -Response Team Member.

1990 - 1994 USCG Station Crisfield, Crisfield MD. Job: Supervisor, Maritime Law Enforcement Boarding Officer, Operations and Training Officer, Boat Operator, Commercial Fishing Vessel Inspector

1988-1990 USCGC TACKLE, Mission: Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement Boarding Officer, Job: Boat Operator

1985-1988 USCGC GENTIAN, 180’ Buoy Tender, Mission: Aids to Navigation, Job: Servicing Aids to Navigation.

Related Skills: 

27 years of Project Management in Marine Operations including Oil and Chemical response, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Boat and Ship Operations, Deployment and Retrieval of Aids to Navigation, Instruction and Training, Marine Firefighting and Damage Control.

20 years’ experience as a member of Damage Control, Navigation, and Aviation Training Teams planning, conducting, and evaluating drills.

Education:  Beherend College, Erie Pa.  / PENN STATE University, BA, General Arts and Sciences



Continuing Education:

Chief Petty Officers Academy, USCG, New London CT.

Stream Rig Operator, (Refueling and Replenishment at Sea), US Navy, Little Creek VA.

Shipboard Fire Fighting Advanced, US Navy, Norfolk VA.

Damage Control Repair Party Leader, US Navy, Norfolk VA.

Instructor Development Course, US Coast Guard, Yorktown VA.

40 HOUR Oil Spill Control Course, Texas A&M University.

CAMEO DOS USER’S Course, NJ State Police.

US EPA 40 Hour Hazardous Materials Incident Response Operations, Haliburton, Cincinnati OH.


Hazcat Chemical Identification System (24 hour), HAZTECH SYSTEMS, FT Dix, NJ.

Hazardous Waste Management Course, USCG, Ketchikan AK.

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response First Responder Operations, USCG, Ketchikan, AK.

Marine Firefighting and Procedures (24 hours), Hagevig Regional Fire Training Center, Juneau, AK.

Aerial Oil Observation Course, T&T Marine, Detroit MI.

WTGB -140 ECPINS (Electronic Navigation) Course, USCG, Portsmouth VA.

CDAR Command Drug and Alcohol Representative Course, USCG, Yorktown VA.

Buoy Deck Supervisor Course, USCG, Providence RI.

Aids to Navigation Positioning Course, USCG, Yorktown VA.

Officer in Charge / Executive Officer School, USCG, New London CT.

Coxswain “C” School, (Boat Operations), USCG, Yorktown, VA.

Fisheries Resident Training Course, USCG, Ketchikan AK.

Safety and Training Course / IMTMOD 9000 CRANE.

 Maritime Law Enforcement, Boarding Officer Course, USCG, Yorktown VA.

LEADERSHIP and Management Course, USCG, Ketchikan AK.

Maritime Law Enforcement Training (32 Hour), USCG, CRISFIELD MD.

Environmental Compliance Workshop (12 hour), USCG, Ketchikan AK.

FEMA IS 00100.FW - Introduction to Incident Command System

FEMA IS 00200.FW - Basic Incident Command System

FEMA IS 00546.a – Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness Course

FEMA IS 00700 National Incident Management System (NIMS) an Introduction

FEMA IS 00800 National Response Plan an Introduction

Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection, USCG

Blood Borne Pathogens and Heat Stress, USCG

Respiratory Protection and Hearing Conservation, USCG

Hazard Communication and Hazardous Waste, USCG

Team Coordination and Operational Risk Management, USCG

First Aid and Rescue, USCG

Operational Security Training, USCG

Recognizing, Decontamination, and Medical Treatment of CBR Agents, USCG

Electrical Safety and Tag Out Procedures, USCG

Violence and Threatening Behavior, Critical Incident Stress Management, Family Advocacy, USCG

Hazing Awareness, USCG


1995 – International Joint Commission Team – Duluth MN – VOSS deployment training

1996 - Canuslak 96 – St Lawrence River – Boom Deployment and Training

1996 – OPA90 Demonstration US Merchant Marine Academy Kings Point NY – VOSS demonstration

Technical Publications and Presentations:

Published articles for the Coast Guards Boat Forces Newsletter on Rescue and Survival equipment, operation, and best practices. Developed a curriculum to help units properly inspect equipment and prepare for inspections and presented training at conferences for junior members and senior command cadre in Panama City FL., in Cleveland OH., Sault Ste. Marie MI., and Portsmouth VA. 


Relevant Experiences:

1988 –Engine room Fire – M/V Frying Pan (ex USCG Lightship Frying Pan) – Response Member

1988 – Sailboat aground “Twice Blessed” – Boat Operator

1989 – 42’ Cris Craft aground – Boat Operator

1991 – Medical evacuation of a small child with a fever from a becalmed sailboat – Boat Operator

1991- M/V ANNA BANANNA – disabled –Boat Operator

1992 – Assistance to workboat “SATIN SHEETS” – disabled and disoriented

1992 – Tug and Barge Aground Nanticoke River – Monitoring, safety

1992 – Sailboat aground Onancock Creek – Boat Operator

1992 – Barge submerged and adrift Chesapeake Bay – Search cargo pumice

1993 – Barge adrift Crisfield MD. – Boat Operator –towed 120’ barge away from Aids to Navigation with a 41’ vessel until relieved by Tug.

1993 – Santa Clara I – Charleston SC., - Damaged containers of Magnesium Phosphide and Arsenic Trioxide on deck, Response Member.

1994 – Buckeye Pipeline Spill – New Haven CT – Response Member, Site Safety, Monitoring

1994 – M/V SAGA WAVE – 2 Longshoreman die on cargo hold of lumber due to mold or insufficient oxygen, Response Member.

1994- T/B A-410 Asphalt Barge aground Lake Huron – Response Member, Dewatering.

1995 – Lorain County Pesticide Application, EPA Region 5, Response Member, Safety, Documentation of contaminated property Level C Response

1996 – Response Member, Boat Operator, Response Supervisor – Operation Clean Sweep- HAZMAT / Flood response upper Chesapeake Bay

1996 – North Cape Oil Spill – Boat Operator, Boom Deployment

1996 – CAPE Mohican Oil Spill – beach clean-up, safety, contractor monitoring San Francisco/ Tiburon CA

1996 – Summer Olympics Atlanta GA – Response Member, special team oil and chemical response

1997 – Response Member- HAZMAT / Flood response Weiser, Payette, and Snake Rivers

1997 -Flood Relief Augmentation Pacific Strike Team - monitoring, removal, site safety


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