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Gary Brannock

Gary Brannock has 37 years of experience actively participating in and managing HTRW operations, emergency response activities, risk assessments, site assessments, DOT regulations, OSHA training regulations, SPCC and PIP Plans and interim removal projects. He has a wide range of experience and expertise including free product recover, mercury/PCB remediation, shock-sensitive materials stabilization, rail and highway response, railway tunnel operations, confined space rescue and railcar product transfer. He has supervised numerous responses including, tanker truck/rail car product transfers, chemical fires, soil excavation, and response to suspect biological agents/WMD. He performs various specialized training classes and maintains certification as a adjunct instructor at the Michigan State Police Hazardous Materials Training Center, as we as an active role in MUSAR (Michigan Urban Research and Rescue). Member of the Livingston County LEPC. Member of Michigan No-Spills Association.


Complete Experience Record


Young’s Environmental Cleanup, Inc. Vice President of Safety, Training, and Emergency Response, 1994 to 2012 (Retired). Managed over 300 emergency response projects for chemical fires, train derailments, tanker roll-over, PCB cleanup, mercury releases, benzene & isocyanides incidents, railcar product transfer, shock-sensitive material stabilization and abandoned drum recovery; project tasks have included all phases of work including initial response, scheduling, budgeting, subcontractor procurement, waste transportation and disposal.  Oversaw all corporate programs for Health & Safety, Training, and Medical Surveillance.  Conducted site safety inspections and audits, corrective action planning, and risk determinations.   Responsible for corporate compliance for DOT regulations, OSHA reporting and training, and permits.  Coordinates all transportation licensing including EPA, DOT, Canadian and MDEQ authorizations to properly handle hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

  • Responded to over 250 emergency events and supervised upwards of 1,000+  personnel (average crew size 4-15) in Region V

  • Prepared numerous health & safety plans, closure reports, spill summary documents, work plans, SPCC & PIP Plans.

  • Instructor of Hazardous Material Railroad Response, Michigan State Police Hazardous Material Training Center, Lansing, Michigan

  • Chessie System Railroads/CSX Transportation, Inc., Casualty Prevention and Hazardous Materials and Operating Practices, 1972 to 1994.   Responsibilities included the management and coordination all phases of emergency response to hazardous material and environmental impact issues, including providing technical assistance and regulatory (federal, state and local) interpretation and compliance.  Handled all phases of the proper and safe mitigation of chemical hazards and personnel exposure at HazMat incidents.  Developed and implemented remedial cleanup and disposal plans.  Inspected railroad agencies and yards to assist compliance with DOT hazardous material and environmental regulations.

​Regulatory Knowledge

  • ​Regulatory Experience

  • CERCLA - 15 years

  • RCRA - 15 years

  • TSCA - 15 years

  • OSHA - 25 years

  • USDOT - 25 years

  • CAA - 15 years

  • CWA - 15 years

  • Region 5 states - IL, IN, OH, MI

Agency Knowledge



  • IEPA


​​Regulatory Knowledge and Experience

  • Obtained Young’s transportation permit for hazardous wastes into Canada

  • Obtained Young’s transportation permits/licenses with the USDOT and USEPA

  • Obtained Young’s transportation permits/licenses with MDEQ for Uniform HazMat and LIW

  • Obtained Young’s transportation permit/authorization for hauling hazardous waste in MN, NY,OH,  IL & KY

  • Obtained Young’s permit/license for 10-day temporary waste storage authorization

  • Obtained Young’s annual permit for Emergency Response Activities in the MDOT Right-of-Way

  • Manages Young’s overall emergency response contracts for approximately 100+ clients

  • Manages Young’s Health & Safety, Training & Medical Surveillance Program in accordance with OSHA Regs


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